Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When Life Gets in the Way of Writing

Well, yesterday was a bust in terms of writing. My friend's 23 year old son who was in the Army was killed as a result of a freak gun accident and the funeral and memorial service were yesterday. It's 45 minutes from my house to the cemetery and another 30 minutes to the church where the memorial service was held. That took up most of my day. When I returned home, I was still pretty upset for my friend and for her son whose life was cut short. I just couldn't write so got absolutely nothing done yesterday.I totaled up my earnings for the first half of My Summer of Writing ( you can see a more detailed account of this in the chart on the My Summer Of Writing hub on HubPages), but for the purposes of this blog I will just state that my goal for the summer was $1,250 which means that I should be at $625 in earnings now, and am actually at $100.63. YUCK...a big fat YUCK. But I am learning a lot about myself and my writing style and know that copy writing, while it can pay the bills, is a real struggle for me. Although I like Textbroker because I can write and see immediate gratification from my work when the money for the article gets posted to my account within three days, it's a struggle for me to write about things like how to make your pick up truck more powerful, or metal roofs. Yes, I have written about these 2 subjects in the past week! And this morning when I went to the Textbroker site, I found there are actually no articles available on my writing level, nor the one below mine. I am going to instead work on querying magazines with articles I have already written, or that are in my head, HubPages, my blogs and Webanswers. When I have a bit of spare time,I'll just check in with Textbroker to pick something up sporadically. My husband does have a work trip next week and will be gone for four days so I imagine I will be able to get some good writing time in then. I guess it's all about balance. If I lose a day from yesterday, I have to remember to make up for that day another time. Tomorrow starts a new Hub Challenge for me on HubPages so I am hoping to put in some really good work/writing during the month of August.

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  1. Hi Karen,

    That's a bummer to not have much available on Textbroker. You know, I have stuff available at my level, but I just can't scrape up the motivation to write there sometimes.

    But I'm kinda bipolar anyways lol

    I was thinking, perhaps the loss of your friend's son could lead to one or more hubs right there...the loss of a son at such a young age, comforting a friend who's lost a son in military service, the pros and cons of military life...

    And if you would like, you could do a guest post on my blog about your experience on HubPages. I don't pay guest bloggers, but maybe it could help bring you a little traffic or gain you a new reader or two, and it might offer some SEO value for your blog.

    Let me know =)