Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Textbroker Pros and Cons

This is the beginning of my fourth week of writing full time. I have learned a lot along the way, discovered some new websites that I can potentially earn from, and am loving getting up every morning to write my heart out. The one website that consistently brings me the most money though is Textbroker. I have a love/hate relationship with Textbroker at this point. Textbroker is a website where people can apply, send in a article for review (on a Topic that TextBroker chooses) and then the writer must wait until Textbroker approves the article and assigns the writer a level. One can be at a level of 2,3,4, or 5 and one gets paid at the approved rate for that level. The higher level one makes it to, the more money one can earn. I believe that level 2 is .007 cents per word, and level 3 is 1 cent per word and I know level 4 is 1.7 per word. I believe only true professional writers make it to level 5 and I have no idea what they make. I was accepted 1 year ago as a level 3 writer, and have stayed there ever since. That means I make 1 cent per word for my articles. After every 5 accepted articles, the Textbroker editors review the writer's work, and then sends the writer emails with a score and corrections for each article. You can rise to a new level, or drop to a lower level, depending on the score of your articles. If I were to write 5 articles and they all scored a 4, then I would rise up to level 4. That hasn't happened. Every article I write stays at a level 3. So, while that's not the lowest level, it is a frustrating level. There are not as many articles available for level 3 writers as there are for level 4 writers. And that means I have fewer topics to choose from. Here are some examples of the types of articles I have written this past year: Write 30 creative titles for individual blog posts, Write an article about eco-friendly toys, write an article about this particular restaurant in San Franciso California (I live in Connecticut), write an article about this particular neighborhood of Washington state, write an article about the treatments of prostate cancer, write an article about photography on safari, write an article about Pit Bull dogs, write an article about hot water heaters, and more that are similar. For most of these articles you must include key words a certain number of times so that can be a bit frustrating. The person requesting the article can actually reject it, but I have written 79 articles so far in the past year, and fortunately have never had an article rejected. It's frustrating in that I can spend 1 hour researching something, then another hour writing the article, and I will get paid a whole $3.50 for it! Whoo hoo! Not a very good investment of my time, but so far this summer, Textbroker is where I am earning the most money. The biggest negatives about the site for me are not being able to make that much money for my time, and also not being able to pick topics that I enjoy writing about...... But the thing I like most about Textbroker is that I can write articles and actually get paid for what I write, not from views or ad clicks. This means people like my writing enough that they are willing to pay for it. And that feels good. It usually takes up to 3 days for an article to be accepted on Textbroker. Sometimes if something is written and sent in earlier than the time period allowed, articles get accepted right away, which is nice because it makes me feel good that the person paying me saw it and approved it right away. I have to force myself to go to this site daily because I want to earn money writing, but I very rarely am able to write about topics I am interested in. I love to check my account payoff amount because it does add up and each week I have been able to see money being deposited into my account. When I request a payout, the money gets transferred to my Paypal account. All one needs is to have $10 in their Textbroker account to receive a payout which means a writer can get paid more quickly from Textbroker than from most writing sites. I am hoping that I can rise up to level four before the end of the summer because that will increase my earnings. So, I am plugging along and always trying to stay optimistic that I will learn how to write more quickly, and that I will also move up to the next level with Textbroker. I do know one person that was a level 4 and was making $2,000 - $3,000 per month on Textbroker. She writes fast and was a higher level so I guess those are the goals I need to aspire to. If you have had experience with Textbroker, please leave a comment below!


  1. Hey Karen, have you signed up for Textbroker University yet? It's a free program put together by TB to help 3-star writers advance to 4-star.


    1. Hi Chris! As a matter of fact, I just got an email from them Friday and I did sign up for it Friday night but have only been able to take one of the 10 classes so far. Thanks.