Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fly Baby, Fly...

I am feeling rather down today because I missed church due to a writing deadline. I had signed up to write an article at Textbroker and it was due today by 10:39 a.m. I finished it at 10:34 a.m., but that didn't leave me time to get ready for church and make it there for 11:00 a.m. I am disappointed that I didn't plan my time well enough to get it finished in time. Yet I was very motivated to complete this article because today is the last day I can earn any money to add to my weekly total earnings which I am going to publish. I must say that keeping this blog as well as updating my article on HubPages about My Summer of Writing is really helping me stay motivated to earn. I really don't want to be embarrassed about not being able to earn money at the writing career I am aspiring to. Of course I am nowhere near my goal of $125 per week yet, but I can see improvement and that also helps keep me motivated. I will really need to keep working on scheduling my time better so I can have a life as well as write. The funny thing is, I really just want to write. Since I started this writing experiment 3 weeks ago, I have found that all I want to do is write. If I could spend all my time writing, eating and sleeping when necessary, that would be fine with me. (Oops, sorry Honey if you are reading this!) I feel like a bird who has longed to fly and been kept in a cage all her life. Then someone opened the door to her cage and set her free and all she wants to do is fly. Fly Baby, fly!!! That's me...only for me, it's writing. I have been set free, and I am so happy to be writing!


  1. Hi Chucks Happy Wife. Lovely entry for your blog today... and more great ideas and motivation for me! You have just reminded me that I also signed up for Textbroker about 4 weeks go but I am still waiting for a reply to the sample of writing I sent into them. Keep motivated and focused. You have a flowing style and are very easy to read.
    I think I have very simlar goals to yours. I hope you succeed soon in achieving all your targets.

    1. Thank you Marie. I am happy that this blog is inspiring people. As far as Textbroker, that seems like a very long time to wait for a response from them. I have read that the majority of people get a response in 3 - 5 days, Do you think it went into your spam file? I would check there, and if it's not there, see if it's possible to send them an email to make sure they received your writings ample. Good luck and thanks for reading.