Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'd Rather be Writing!

I'm sure you have seen those bumper stickers that start with, "I'd Rather Be..." and the things people would rather be doing run the gamut from anything to dancing to fishing. Well, I would like to get one that says I would rather be writing!!! The other day I was coming out of the grocery store, and remembering how much I used to love shopping and saving money with coupons. And then the phrase "I'd rather be writing" popped into my head! I do still enjoy grocery shopping and saving money with coupons, BUT I actually would rather be writing! I decided to start writing after 41 years of wanting to do it. And now it seems that I just can't stop the flow. And I don't want to.
I've overcome the embarrassment of the small amount of money I made last week. I have updated my article on HubPages with more exact details, but only made $9.31 last week. That's about 1/2 the $20.06 I made the week before, but I also went away for a few days to the Berkshires so as my daughter said to me, 'It's better than nothing." I guess it's true what they say about out of the minds of babes. She is 18 and I'm sure she would get a kick out of me calling her a babe because a "babe" at 18 is much different than the age that saying is referring to! But as she is my daughter, she'll always be my little girl.( Here we are last year!)
After reading another hub by Bill Holland ( Billybuc to those of you on HubPages) about finding the time to write, I am getting much more organized about my writing. Each day I am now making a list about what I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, I must be a slow writer because I only am writing about half of what's on my list. Or maybe I just have high expectations for myself? I want to write 4 Textbroker articles, 1 hub, answer 3 questions on WebAnswers, and also write at least one blog entry a day. That doesn't seem like a lot but the HubPages and Textbroker articles need research and that's what takes a long time. I need to figure out how to write more quickly once I get the research done. I also want to add one more writing platform, but I haven't figured out when I can find time to explore which one would be best for me. I am looking into Constant Content but I'm not sure I like the idea of writing 500 - 600 word articles that may just sit in my catalog and never get bought. Does it make more sense to just publish my articles on HubPages and at least I stand a chance to make money from views and ad clicks? I am also looking into Writer's Access but the application process seems overwhelming to me. If anyone reading this blog has any comments on either one of those sites, please feel free to leave them below.

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