Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Writing Week in Review

Well, this won't be the blog entry where I tell you what I earned this week because technically my week won't end till Sunday and I want as much earning time as possible before I give my report. But in looking back at the week I have noticed a few things. The first is that now writing down my goals each day totally keeps me on track in terms of what I want to accomplish that day. Without it, I am floundering all over the place, jumping from one writing website to the next only settling down when the mood strikes. Imagine a butterfly flitting around from flower to flower, trying to decide which one has the best nectar and stopping at one only when it decides that. That would be me without a list of thanks very much to Bill Holland for sharing the suggestion of writing out a list of daily goals. Next, I have 2 ideas I think will really be worth following up on. One was a suggestion by my girlfriend who has commented on my writing and things I should write for agencies because my background is in social work, but I have a heart for those with disabilities. I once read an article where a new writer had business cards made up and sent them out with a letter on letterhead to over 200 networking connections he had made over the years. He ended up getting writing jobs from 4 of them just from that first letter, and five years later he still gets ongoing jobs from them. That sounds good to me because I do have a lot of connections from my previous jobs. So, Vistaprint, here I come...for 250 free business cards. If you don't know what I am talking about, will give you 250 free business cards if you just pay shipping and handling. It's a great deal. Then I also had an idea for an ongoing series o0f articles on HubPages that I think will really be catchy, and from that, I may have enough material to publish a book. And I have also figured out how to buckle down and earn a bit more money on Textbroker, which will bring in the money on a regular basis as long as I keep writing there. It's not a lot of money, but it's still money I can earn each week, and it's grooming me to write copy for future sites and possibly agencies so I am grateful to have been able to start there for now. More on Textbroker later in the week, but now I need to go take my dog for a walk to get out of the house, and get motivated to come back and take a shower and do something besides write today. It's 2:55 p.m. and I am still in my P.J.s. which is making me feel quite lazy and disgusting just at the moment. There are pros and cons to be able to write from home! Here's a picture of my sweet dog and writing companion, who just happens to have her very favorite toy in her mouth... Reeses:


  1. It is great that Bill's advice to write lists has helped you out. Isn't he the most motivating writer when it comes to writing?! He has helped me out a lot, too.
    I adore that photo of your dog. He looks cute anyway, but with that toy in his mouth, I just want to hug him :)
    I decided to sign up for Textbroker, too. I got the process started, I just need to work on my article that determines which level I will be. I want to work extra hard at it, since it is the first piece they will see.
    See, you are inspiring, too! Your writing blog and posts on HP have been a big help in motivating me to get more writing under my belt, and to diversify. I have written posts on Bubblews recently, too, and am amazed at how fast the money creeps up, with a lot less work than HubPages. I prefer H.P. because of the look and feel, but the other site is good for posting smaller articles.
    Good luck! I enjoy reading about your progress. No matter what you determine from this Summer's experience, you will have learned a lot, grown as a writer, and also helped others out by sharing what you learn.
    Have a great remainder of the weekend.
    ~ Kathryn

    1. Yes, Reeses is such a sweetheart. At lunch today she was laying out on the floor all spread out next to me, and she made me happy just to look at her because she has such a sweet personality. She did the sweetest thing for Chuck and I last night that I am going to write about it and send it in to Chicken Soup For The Soul!

      Wow, that's nice to know that I have inspired someone! Yes, do your best for Textbroker because I am still at the same level I started at so I think it's hard to move up. Good luck. Interesting about Bubblews. I have researched that site and heard that it's hard to get an actual payment out of them, and you have to make sure you follow their rules meticulously so if you can report back on here when you get your first payment, that would be great. Good luck, and thanks for following along!