Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bubblews Changes Its Redemption Amount

I have been a Bubblews member now since mid-August...4 months almost exactly to the day. I have enjoyed my time there, in spite of a lot of the negativity on the internet about Bubblews. Before I started, I read about a lot of writers that weren't getting paid there. I decided to take my chances and give it a try anyway. I have had a very good experience there, getting paid 4 out of the 5 times I redeemed, and the one I didn't get paid for was a glitch that I believe was outside of Bubblews control. But now, Bubblews has up the amount needed from $25 to $50. When I first heard about it, I was not happy. It seems to take me a long time to get to that $25 threshold, and now having to reach $50 before payout makes seems to have taken a bit of the wind out of my sails. I am still committed to being an active member on the site, but feel I will have to work harder to keep myself motivated enough to write on there enough to keep the money coming in. They say it will be a good thing for Bubblews members to have to hit $50 before redeeming because that gives the staff more time to check into things and connect with Bubblews members. I have a better understanding of the change now, and I hope it works out for the good for all concerned. Are any of you Bubblews members? What do you think of the change in the redemption amount?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Earnings For November, 2013

It's been awhile since I have posted on this blog. Sorry, I will try to do better because I do enjoy it so. But I have been very busy selling items on Ebay and spending time writing on the Bubblews website. I was doing great on WebAnswers for awhile, but it went down and had no ads on it for about 1/2 the month of November, so I am sure I lost earnings because of that. I wanted to give my monthly update of earnings from writing online. I enjoy doing it because it keeps me motivated to keep doing better each month to try to beat the earnings from the month before. Here is how much I earned: Google Adsense, from a combination of 2 blogs, WebAnswers, and some residual income from HubPages:$68.93...Bubblews income: $30.23 ( I could have earned more but when I tried to redeem once for $27, I got a Gateway error message so apparently the site had gone down when I tried to redeem and I think that redemption is lost for good)...and $13.84 from HubPages, which also includes Ebay earnings from that site. That is a total of: $113.00 for November, 2013. As always, I hope to beat that amount this month. I really want to have a banner month writing because it is the last month of the year, and my last chance to boost the income I have made this year before I total it all up. My original goal was to triple what I earned last year from writing. Last year I earned $520. After looking at what I have earned so far, I won't be able to triple that, but am working on at least doubling it.