Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Earnings For November, 2013

It's been awhile since I have posted on this blog. Sorry, I will try to do better because I do enjoy it so. But I have been very busy selling items on Ebay and spending time writing on the Bubblews website. I was doing great on WebAnswers for awhile, but it went down and had no ads on it for about 1/2 the month of November, so I am sure I lost earnings because of that. I wanted to give my monthly update of earnings from writing online. I enjoy doing it because it keeps me motivated to keep doing better each month to try to beat the earnings from the month before. Here is how much I earned: Google Adsense, from a combination of 2 blogs, WebAnswers, and some residual income from HubPages:$68.93...Bubblews income: $30.23 ( I could have earned more but when I tried to redeem once for $27, I got a Gateway error message so apparently the site had gone down when I tried to redeem and I think that redemption is lost for good)...and $13.84 from HubPages, which also includes Ebay earnings from that site. That is a total of: $113.00 for November, 2013. As always, I hope to beat that amount this month. I really want to have a banner month writing because it is the last month of the year, and my last chance to boost the income I have made this year before I total it all up. My original goal was to triple what I earned last year from writing. Last year I earned $520. After looking at what I have earned so far, I won't be able to triple that, but am working on at least doubling it.

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  1. Sounds like things are still moving along for you. That's good to hear.

    I was earning, what, $60 or $70 a month back in August? Then several of my sites took a drop in traffic in September, but I wasn't earning anything from those sites anyways. And they've continued to gradually decline.

    But the big heartbreak for me was my main niche site -- which was earning $40-$50 a month and climbing fast -- when that site got penalized by Google in October (Penguin 2.1 update). That sucked. I lost like 80% of my earnings overnight, and that site isn't really recovering much.

    But, on the bright side, one of my hubs is doing REALLY WELL and is earning over a dollar a day on its own, so that is enough to make payout every month at this rate. I think my HP income alone will be about $100 this month (Ad Program, Adsense, and Amazon combined).

    I also got my first payout from Bubblews, and I picked up one direct order at Textbroker, with a follow up article to come once I submit this first one. So my December is actually looking pretty good...over $150, I think. Closer to $200 if I get these direct orders submitted and accepted in time.

    Hopefully 2014 will turn out even better for both of us =)