Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bad Week Finanically, But Learning New Writing Skills

I am embarrassed to admit to you that my earnings dropped substantially this week down from $36 to $18.85. The biggest reason for that is that the Textbroker articles that were available to me were almost nil at my level. So depressing as I had a goal of earning more and more money each week. But because I am in Textbroker University with one lesson left, I have high hopes for the future. Actually after I complete this lesson, I have to write 10 articles before I can even be qualified for the next level. Even if I( don't qualify though, I am excited because taking these lessons will help me be a better writer. I have learned about putting too much fluff or "fillers" in my writing and how to avoid it, proper punctuation and pronouns, and am about to learn proper comma placement which is a huge issue for me. So I guess that's how to look on the bright side, in case I don't make it to the next level. I am really impressed with the earnings from WebAnsers though. It is really boosting my Google Adsense earnings and writing thorough answers is easier than writing a full hub on HubPages. My goal is to answer 5 questions per day on WebAnswers because I think it's similar to HubPages in terms of the more active you are, the better you do score wise and that increases visibility/earnings. Speaking of writing hubs, I am off to do one now, and looking forward to a very productive week of writing!


  1. I think I am going to try my hand at Webanswers. It sounds like another great possibility!
    I just got into Textbroker myself, although I have been a little intimidated about accepting one of their choices. The ones I look at have 9-10 minutes to decide, and have a 24 hour finish deadline. I should probably focus on trying that out on a day off, or at least a shorter workday.
    I saw your comments on the last post... I just received the Writer's Market book, too. It is exciting to think of the options out there. Good luck to you!
    It must be a little discouraging to make less money than last week, but I am glad you are looking at the bright side. The learning experience is very important! I think things will improve over time, especially once you get to the next level.
    Have a great day!
    ~ Kathryn

    1. Yes, that's how much time you have to decide...10 minutes. Many have a 1 day deadline which is tough. Some have 2 or 3 days. Can I ask what level you were given? And congrats by the way. And I love WebAnswers.