Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vacation is Over and It's Time to Reorganize my Writing

Well, my short vacation is over. I have gotten past feeling guilty about taking time off, and allowed myself to enjoy the time away. It was a good time to reconnect with my husband, and to listen to some beautiful classical music at Tanglewood. And picnics are always romantic so that was fun. Here's a picture of our table set up for a picnic at Tanglewood:
Now it's back to work tomorrow. I am refreshed and ready. Partially because I read a hub on HubPages written by someone else who is writing full time. I am inspired by his goals because he actually writes for 45 hours a week, 5 days at 9 hours per day, and doesn't let anyone interfere with his writing time. He also has a schedule that he prints out each day so he knows what he needs to accomplish. What a great idea. I do believe that's what I need to do as well. So, tomorrow is a new day and I will start my week fresh, and ready to commit to my full time writing with a new vigor.


  1. I have a goal of trying to write a lot more, too so I love your idea of posting about it through blogging. I'll have to find a way to weave that into my blog so I can stay on top of my writing goals.

  2. My blog is about my journey through motherhood where I share stories of my kids & family along with what I learn from raising them. I try to offer tips & insights & usually include tips on places to go, events that are cost-friendly & family-friendly, too. I have a page where I share my own interests/hobbies on there & link back to my hubs so maybe I'll use that page for talking about my writing.

    1. Yes, Bernadyn,

      I think that's a GREAT idea. It will help you with your writing goals. I think every mom needs something for herself and I am thinking for you, that's your writing?

  3. Yes, writing has always been a hobby of mine, my creative outlet :-)