Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Busy Weekend and a Break From Writing

Weekend 6/29-6/30... I was able to make up for the time I missed on Thursday by going to the wake, by working a bit extra here and there on Friday and Saturday. I have found myself addicted to this new vocation of mine. And have to pull myself away from the computer. I find if I am not writing, I want to be. At least I love what I am doing. All the more incentive to work harder at it. Well, actually, I think I need to work smarter, not exactly harder. I have been working at it pretty hard this week as it is. Yesterday was Saturday and my husband really anted to go on a picnic. I wanted to write and I had heard there may be thunderstorms in the afternoon. Since it was hot, muggy and with thunderstorm predictions, I asked him if we could go Sunday instead. I know he was disappointed. I wrote for 4 hours which helped me catch up on the missed time. Then I started feeling a bit caged in so I showered and took the dog for a walk and that helped. I think my husband is getting a bit frustrated with my writing taking up so much time.It has probably seemed like I have been on the computer all week. So, I had a glass of wine with him on the back porch before dinner and told him my writing was done for the week, except for an hour tomorrow when he goes to work out anyway. Today, which is Sunday, we did have a very nice picnic and took the dog for a hike and completed our hike just as it started to rain so it was perfect timing and a much cooler day. That all worked out wonderfully. Here are a few pictures from our hike at Gillette's Castle State Park:
I must say taking a break from writing and doing something so refreshing as a picnic and hike is good for a writer's inspiration! We took a nap together this afternoon, and he left to go work out without waking me up, thinking he was doing me a favor. I woke up after two hours groggy and disappointed that I missed my writing time. But he was gracious enough to leave me alone for about an hour so I could get my writing fix for the day. LOL…I need to get more disciplined on this schedule to keep us both happy! Tomorrow I will update this blog with the results of my first week!


  1. Great idea keeping this blog. I think it is a way to make yourself commit to the writing gig without going overboard like I do. LOL

  2. Bill,

    Well, I don't know about that. It has seemed that the more I wrote last week, the more I have wanted to write. I can see how it is easy to go overboard when our work is our passion. This blog does require me to stay on task though because I know by writing it I am being held accountable, not only to myself but to others who read it.