Sunday, June 30, 2013

Article Writing Involves Setting Priorities

Thursday, June 27th Today I got right down to writing right after breakfast and wrote for 45 minutes before I had to go to the wake. I got a good start on my article for Textbroker, which was about prostate cancer, and wrote half of it. As soon as I returned home I ate lunch and finished the article off, with about 20 minutes to spare…whew! Textbroker gives you a time limit and if you don’t complete the article within a certain amount of time, you lose your chance and the article is up for grabs again, but not available to the person who missed the deadline. I am not great with deadlines and would rather write just whatever I feel like writing, but right now, that’s not going to bring in much money. I answered a few more questions on WebAnswers. I am up to 15 now and I enjoy doing it. I just took a break and took the dog for a walk and am waiting for my husband to come home so we can go meet friends for dinner. I think my schedule will work as long as I stay flexible when other things come up at the times I have scheduled myself to write. I am anxious to see what the end of this week brings in terms of money I have actually made. I am still doing the 30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge but haven’t even been on the site today. I will head back over to it when we come back…after I write my newest Textbroker article about a neighborhood in Alaska. I have to write a description about it for a real estate website. Off to dinner now. We didn’t get back from dinner till 8:45p.m. and I got settled in writing at nine. Logged in 2.5 hours tonight but only 5.25 for the day. I am lagging behind. I am also kicking myself because I worked most of that time finishing up a hub on HubPages about watching our children grow into mature young adults ( featuring my daughter Michaela) and I did publish it tonight so I am on number 14 and should be on number 27!!! But it feels good to have another one under my belt. And I also am pleased that I picked up 4 more followers on HubPages…that’s 12 in 2 days…wowza! I have had that happen before. I am really excited about that. Unfortunately because I worked on that, I didn’t have time to work on my Textbroker article about a certain neighborhood in Alaska. I did some research on it, but it’s due in by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, and I am taking my daughter to an appointment first thing tomorrow and have no idea if I will even be back by 2. If not, I will miss another opportunity to make money. I have to get on the ball here and get my priorities straight. I think that means a certain amount of Textbroker articles each day before I can even head over to HubPages. Textbroer pays me by article, where HubPages is by view/ad clicks , so I can make more definite money per word for an article right now, than on views and ads on my Hubpages account. Such a bummer because I love HubPages too. Well, maybe reaching my daily quota of Textbroker articles before I can go to HubPages will give me incentive to get the higher paying work done first? I’m glad it’s only my first week at this! I was only able to work 5.25 hours today.

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