Sunday, June 30, 2013

My First Day of Full Time Writing

Monday, June 24th, 2013 Well, today is my first day of writing full time. I have a schedule all set up…4 hours in the morning, a break to spend time with my husband who works from home, and to rest, and work out,eat dinner and then 3 hours each night. Plus I am planning on working 3 hours on Saturdays. My first attempt to find good paying work was at the website I have written for them for about 1 year now, but only a total of 65 articles. I have done it when I had a chance. Unfortunately, I get tripped up with commas and I am at a level 3 over there. So when I logged on this morning I was very disappointed. At my writing level there were only 37 articles available, and nothing I could find that I would really be able to write about. Some of the article subjects are very boring or would take too much time to research and aren’t worth the $3.00 they offer. So, I am resigned to not writing anything there today and hoping to have better options tomorrow. I went back to HubPages, my favorite writing venue at the moment. I worked on a hub and will have it published by the end of the day. I also started researching other websites to write for. I think I should have started this research and already applied before I started this experiment because now I am going crazy trying to find at least one other site to write for this summer. I am looking into Elance, WebAnswers, Writer’s Access, and ContentBLVD. Some of them, like Writer’s Access seems a bit scary because the application process from what I have read is very long and involved and then I may not be accepted. But WebAnswers looks good, and fun so that will be what I start with first. I researched it and started answering questions there. And I know I am getting a bit carried away with all this writing, but I also have ideas for 3 new blogs!!! Crazy I know but I can earn money from them and at this juncture of my writing experiment I need to diversify my writing as much as possible. I wrote/researched for 7 hours today and followed the schedule I had set up. Yay!!!

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