Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Loving the Earnings at WebAnswers and Bubblews

Thankfully the WebAnswers glitch was fixed. Whew! It was down for 4 days with no ads and I was quite sad. But I kept popping in over there and answering questions and I am glad I did. It has been fixed and was down for only 4 days. The first few days it was back on I was making mega bucks and was so happy. Because of WebAnswers, I will now be getting a check from Google Adsense at the end of September. I have been trying to earn enough to reach my $100 payout since my last payout in July of 2012, but between my 2 blogs and HubPages, the earnings were very slow to grow. Thanks to WebAnswers, I have actually earned enough for a check. Yay!...I was so annoyed with the lack of available titles for me on Textbroker that I haven't even been on there for awhile. I'm too busy on WebAnswers and Bubblews earning money in a way I really enjoy. And I am earning money on both. While WebAnswers requires well thought out answers to questions posed on the website using at least 100 words, Bubblews accepts postings of a minimum of 400 characters which is wonderful. Much easier than writing a full fledged, detailed hub,I can get smaller articles written and published much more quickly on Bubblews. So those 2 sites are where I spend most of my time lately. And I am earning money at both. Of course I will never give up HubPages. It's my online first love so I am there for the duration. But branching out also has its advantages too!


  1. WebAnswers continues to be a fantastic place to make a decent payout from AdSense. In fact, it actually surprises me a bit how well that site does. Whenever I look at everything I have tied to AdSense, the best number of views, and the most number of clicks all come from WebAnswers. I have actually concluded that if it were not for WebAnswers, I'd probably have virtually no revenue at all. So I am hopeful that that trend continues for a long time to come.

  2. Jim,

    I know what you mean. I feel the same way. Although recently I went away for a few weeks and had no internet access and while I was gone things dwindled down pretty low on WebAnswers. In fact the only website I made any real money on while I was gone was HubPages which really surprised me since I am not on there that much anymore.Thanks for commenting.