Thursday, August 15, 2013

I am Now a Bubblews Member!

After giving it much thought and research, I have decided to join Bubblews. I have done a lot of research about it and wasn't sure about joining because a lot of members say they didn't get paid. Apparently, they broke the rules and didn't get paid, but no one from Bubblews will tell them the rules that they broke. But it's so easy to join and earn money I couldn't not give it a chance. They only require that you have a minimum of 400 characters in your posts...yes that does say characters my friends, not WORDS...400 characters! Way too cool. I finally decided to bite the bullet and jump in when a very sweet lady from HubPages (Victoria Lynn) wrote a hub about Bubblews explaining it in detail and how she was earning money quite quickly. I looked at the list of rules and it seems quite easy to not break any. Some of them I wouldn't even know how to do because I am not all that great at adding links and such. So that won't be a problem for me. I wrote one Bubble last night before going to bed. When I woke up this morning I had already earned over $1.00. Hmmm, that seemed pretty easy. Some people are reaching payout in their very first week, although they must be writing an awful lot. Some have gotten paid, and some haven't. One of the best things about Bubblews is that you only need to earn $25 before getting paid. That's pretty cool, and a lot quicker than the $50 payout required for HubPages, and the $100 payout needed for Google Adsense. But it's not as quick as the $10 payout required for TextBroker. They are all so different but it's quite fun learning how to write for each these different types of sites. It's all a learning experience, I will certainly say that! I will make sure to report back when I reach payout and will let you know if I get paid. I am still extremely happy with my results from WebAsnwers. That site ranks right up there with HubPages for me now, but is actually earning me more money in my second month there than I am earning with HubPages. The traffic and my earnings have slowed WAY down at HubPages this Summer. I hope it picks up in the Fall. Happy writing to you all!

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