Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Earnings for December, 2013

Well, I have figured out my writing earnings for the month of December, 2013. I was so hoping to hit $100 but came up a few dollars short. My total for December came to $97.39 and included: $43.55 for Bubblews, $15.73 for HubPages, $38.11 for Google Adsense. I just figured out my totals for the year but will put that in another blog entry. I am disappointed to not have made the $100 this month. I was in a real rush during the last couple days and wrote a lot on Bubblews, but it wasn't enough. And as for the month of December as a whole, I suppose with all of the holiday preparations I was involved in during December, I should be pretty happy with what I did accomplish. I really need to step my monthly earnings up in 2014 though. Here's to a great year for all of us who write to earn money!


  1. Hi Karen,

    You were so close to 100! Well, it was still a decent month, right? My December turned out pretty well. I think I managed about $170 or so, thanks to the holiday shopping rush. But now it's January and I'm on track to earn maybe half that amount for this month.

    Aloha =)

  2. I close but no cigar! That's great for you in December, and even half that for January is better than you were doing most months last year right? Let's hope 2014 comes through for both of us!