Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Thinking About Writing For Constant Content

Over the summer when I was attempting to earn money full time from online writing, I researched some websites other than HubPages and Textbroker that might help me earn more money. I chose first to write on Webanswers, which I started at the end of June and did well on. Then I decided to take a chance and try Bubblews which is going very well for me. I starteed with Bubblews in mid-August. Things seem to be slowing down in terms of earnings for me on WebAnswers lately. So, while not giving it up totally, I am once again looking for a website online that I can earn from. And I am thinking about writing for Constant Content. I have done a LOT of research on it and am not sure whether to jump in or not. The problems are two fold as I see them: 1) They are huge sticklers for correct grammar, including comma usage, which often trips me up. Articles get sent back if they are not absolutely perfect, and then trying to fix them and resend them is a big undertaking from what I hear. And 2) You have to write articles and you keep them in your own article bank for others to come take a look at and determine whether or not they want to buy your article. If not, they could just sit there forever, and never get sold. That seems like a big waste of time to me. If I spend time writing an article and then no one is interested enough to purchase it, what was the point of putting all that time into writing it in the first place? And now that I think about it, there's a third issue and that is you have to choose how you want an article to be purchased. If I say someone can purchase it, but it needs to have my by-line, then that probably won't sell as well as if I sold it with permission to not include my a ghost writer. Oh yes, one more issue...Constant Content takes 35% of the purchase price. So I guess there are really four issues here that are making me hesitant. Anyone care to weigh in on this? Have you had any luck over at Constant Content or do you know anyone that has? I think I will still mull this over for awhile!

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