Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Writing Earnings from April, 2014

Ugh...I am almost embarrassed to tell you what I made online writing during April. I totaled it all up and unfortunately it's not very much. I earned only less than $1.00 on Google Adsense...why, I have no idea. I earned about $12.50 on Hub Pages and approximately $27.00 on Bubblews for a whopping total of $39.91 from writing online. Yikes...good thing I am not putting all my eggs in the online writing basket. I did also do some interviewing and writing articles for a newsletter for a non-profit agency, and earned $135 there, and got a raise actually because I started off dirt cheap with them and they told me to raise my price per hour. Pretty good eh? They must like my work enough to tell me to charge them more money.So all told, my writing earnings for April were: $174.91.That's not bad for part time work, but if I was trying to write full time, I would be pretty poor. I must add here that April was a slow month for me earnings wise probably because my husband and I spent about 2 full weeks preparing our house to put on the market, and I was working full time subbing for 3 of the weeks in April. I certainly hope May has better results at least online because I don't have the outside work from the non-profit agency this month so things will be pretty bleak if they online work doesn't pick up. I read on another blog that someone took a bunch of his articles on Hub Pages and turned them into an e-book on Kindle, and was able to do that for free. I read this in a post from a year ago. I wonder how he made out? Has anyone else done this or know of anyone who has? I have had an idea for an e-book for awhile and this may work for me.

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  1. Hi Karen,

    I just recently thought about doing that with my chrisinhawaii hubs (turning them into an ebook). Too bad I was all frustrated a few months back and deleted the account, with no backups of my hubs. Those were the best articles I've ever written about blogging and making money online. I sure put a lot of time into them.

    Oh well. Typical me =)