Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Money in August!

I am quite excited that the freelance job I have been doing for the month of July got extended by two weeks into August! Whew, that means I will have no problem reaching my goal of earning $2,000 this summer. What a relief. I have found though that with all that's been going on this summer with the move to Georgia looming at the end of August, it is hard for me to get actual work done from home. I do better when I go to the agency's office and can shut myself away in a room and write up interviews I have already done, etc.. At home, my husband is always asking me for help packing things up, or consolidating items in boxes, or weeding out junk that we don't need anymore. Why move things we haven't used in years? It just makes it harder to get the work done.I don't usually have that problem working from home, but the move is getting in the way. Anybody else ever have that problem with working from home?

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