Monday, October 14, 2013

I Found Work That I Love So I Never Have To Work A Day in My Life!

Well, that's what Confucius said anyway!His actual statement goes like this, 'Find work that you love and you won't have to work a day in your life." My husband and I recently were away on a trip and I had no access to the internet for twelve days. Let me tell you, those were twelve very long days. And I missed being able to write online. I still wrote, every day actually, like clockwork. I wrote about all we saw while we were away. I wrote about museums we visited and customs of the people around us. I wrote about the food we ate and experiences we had. But because I could not post it to the internet and share my writing, it felt like something was missing. All Summer long, I wrote and posted my writing on the internet on a daily basis. And I loved checking in weekly to see how much I earned from my hard work. The frustrating thing about not being able to access the internet was that I was not earning much since I couldn't publish anything. Well, actually because I am really crazy about tracking my earnings, I did find that over the course of 12 days, I had earned a whopping total of $16.51 in residual income. That figure is based on my posts on Bubblews, answers on WebAnswers, writing on HubPages, this blog and one other. I guess you might call that an okay return because while I was earning it, I wasn't actually doing any work as the earnings were based on work I had previously done. But when I can actively access the internet and publish my work daily, my earnings increase substantially. So, I am back, and ready to roll. I have already answered 4 questions on WebAnswers, posted 3 Bubbles, and am going to post a new hub that I wrote over vacation later today. I am having so much fun, that I know I have discovered work that I love, so if Confucius is right, from now on, I won't have to work a day in my life...once I am earning enough money from writing that I can give up my day job that is!

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